Gratitude Letters

“She sounds like her old self”

Hello Tim,

In reference to our daughter’s case, John & I want to thank you so very much for all your help.  When we first started talking about how help her it looked impossible. She was so estranged from the family I just didn’t see how it would work. But you taught us to believe it would be possible and walked us all the way through it.

Today, she called me from treatment and sounded like her old self.  Very upbeat and happy. (It was a great birthday gift to me today to hear her voice.)  We realize that she has a long way to go, but our thoughts are positive, and our prayers are many.

We’d like to thank your wife, Allison, for her part in this, also.  You are a great team!  Your care and concern for our daughter was appreciated more than words can say.  All of my children that participated feel the same way.  So, from all of us, thank you, and be safe.


John and Kate from California

“You gave us hope”

Dear Tim,

I just want to say “Thank You” for helping us save Nick’s life.

When I contacted you  I didn’t know what to do, much less where to go.  I had never dealt with addiction before. You gave us hope, support where we needed it and the hand of friendship in our despair.

Your professionalism, paired with your deep concern for our family showed us this was more than a job for you.  I was scared and broken-hearted but you understood and were able to take control and lead us through the process.

Not only could you “relate” to me, Nick’s mother and to my mother, his grandmother; but you fit right in with his brother and his best friend.  They have both told me that on other terms you are the kind of person they would hang out with.

The time you spent with us in the days before the intervention, not only helped to ease our concerns but gave us hope.   The individual time you gave each of us was above and beyond what we expected.  You have truly found your calling.

I thank God everyday for leading me to your website and to the help we so desperately needed.

Again, I Thank You!

Kindest regards,

Donna of Jacksonville, Florida

“Support in the long, arduous process”

There is a well known phrase from an advertisement that says “Reach out and touch someone”. When our family was in crisis concerning addiction, we didn’t know who to reach out to. So time escalated the crisis into catastrophic proportions. There are many well meaning friends, counselors and psychiatrists tried their best to help and offered small ways to make changes in order to stave off continuing distress, but  to no avail. I am thankful that I met Tim Johnson when I did because I just couldn’t take anymore. I am thankful for the amount of time that he spent on the phone with both myself and other affected family members, answering questions and addressing our urgent needs. I am also very grateful for his availability at odd hours of the day or night when life seemed overwhelming. Although we did not use direct intervention, he spoke with my son the addict on several occasions and formed a bond of trust so that he would consent to rehabilitation. The road to recovery for the addict and for all those involved is a long and arduous process and I believe that Tim Johnson was a vital support in those initial steps towards recovery.

Thanks Tim!

Betty of Sarasota, Florida

“From one professional to another”

To:  Tim Johnson
From:  Joe Smith
Subject:  Our son Jeff

Dear Tim,
I want to truly thank you for helping us to get started with a treatment plan for Jeff.  I too am a professional.  I am a retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.  You are a true caring person and I am convinced that God, in His infinite wisdom got us in touch with you.

We are certainly satisfied with your assessment of our situation and the advice you gave over the phone. We will call you if we feel that we need further help.

Joe Smith of San Antonio, TX

“No longer prisoners in our own home”

Dear Tim and Alison,

I just wanted to express how satisfied we were with your service. Paying your fee was the best money I have ever spent!  It was so nice to have a consultant who knew exactly how to get us through this. Having you on speed dial was so comforting throughout the process.

As in many blended families, I have a step-child involved and in this case, one who was abusing drugs in the home.  It had me and John in such a disagreement about boundaries that we were talking divorce. He was playing us against each other to divert attention away from his behaviors.

John and I have been going to counseling for years and this issue has been central to our struggles and yet the counselor didn’t tell us about the Marchman Act or Intervention as a way to get him into treatment. The things you taught us in family coaching really made sense to us and helped us to make the tough decisions.

I can’t thank you enough for helping John and I get on the same page with a plan to help his son and free ourselves from being prisoners in our own home. If in the future you want us to speak with any of your future or present clients, we would willingly accept their calls.  We do believe in our hearts that your intervention just may have saved his life.

PS.  You are welcome to give out our phone number to anyone who would like a personal reference for your work.

In Christ,

John and Pam Rogers of Orlando, FL

We always change the names of our clients for anonymity purposes.  References available upon request.