About Us

At Intervention Pros we specialize in intervening on individuals who are sick and suffering with the disease of addiction and mental illness.  More specifically, those who are in denial and do not appreciate their own need for treatment.

In our years of experience we can say with certainty that untreated addiction will always lead to death, jail or institutions.  Along the way addicts will leave a wake of damages to their family, friends and society as a whole.  Most addicts will not stop until the consequences have outweighed the benefits.  There will usually be something that  happens to create a moment of clarity where they can briefly see their need for help.  Unfortunately those moments are usually caused by real tragedies in their life often referred to as a bottom.

Most people are led to believe that all they can do is wait for their loved one to “hit rock bottom”.  But while they are waiting they will lose untold fortunes, countless nights of sleep and quality of life while grieving the loss of someone who is dying of a treatable illness.

Our mission is to empower families with education and support so that they can offer their loved one the best chance of recovery instead of waiting for “rock bottom”. We believe in loving, compassionate confrontations that help the patient and the family make a lifelong decision to recover. We have found that when families follow our instructions we are able to create a moment of clarity for the patient where they can agree to enter treatment. And we are happy to say that more than 95% of the time it works!